Overwatch Team - Pick 6 PDF Cross Stitch Patterns

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Overwatch Team - Pick 6 PDF Cross Stitch Patterns

Two Little Kits - Kate
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This listing is for 6 Overwatch heroes as cross stitch patterns. To see the selection of heroes click here: 👉 twolittlekits.com/overwatch  👈


  • To choose which heroes you want, after you've processed the purchase, simply respond to the automatically generated email you'll instantly receive. Please write down up to 6 heroes from the currently available heroes (If for some reason you write less than 6 I will choose random hero(es) to send to you to equal up to 6).
  • Because I need to send each order directly to you (since I don't know which ones you'll want!), the PDFs will be available as soon as I see the order. It should not be longer than 1 business day after you've placed the order.
  • Due to the nature of a digital download, refunds will not be given after I have sent the patterns to you.
  • No reselling or sharing of any patterns is permitted.


© 2019

Two Little Kits' patterns are for personal use only. Do not copy. Patterns are copyright protected and may not be redistributed, reproduced, sold, or shared in any manner. Derivatives are included in this. Copyright infringement is a serious crime. It's also a jerk move.

Any finished piece may be sold however a link to this pattern is required in the listing description. All photos and listing text are copyright.

This product is not currently for sale.
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